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We focus on making a series of cute crafts, and recently we are designing and promoting a series of animal-themed chess sets. we offer tons of perks when you’re working with us. Apply today to become part of our creator community!

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why it's worth it?

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

All the raw materials of wood products we choose come from the origin of legal logging. As part of the outer packaging materials, we use wood chips from engraving and packaging boxes made from recycled pulp.

Original Cat Themed Design

The cat-themed chess set is the first set in the animal vs. chess series designed by us. Currently, we are designing a dog chess set whose size is compatible with the cat chess set, which can realize the game of cat VS dog.

Hand Carved And Polished

Each chess piece is first cut out of the general appearance by machine, and then finely carved, polished, polished and painted by hand.

Quick Customer Response

We will quickly deal with all customer questions and needs, and strive to provide a 12/10 shopping experience.

Contact Us: Alldorables@yeah.net



  • Perfect workmanship

    β€œI really like the dark chess pieces, they are very textured and well carved, they are works of art.” – John S.

  • Delicate packaging

    "I received them in a beautifully patterned burlap bag, which was very thoughtful and easy to carry, and would make an impressive gift.” – Jane K.

  • My cats love them

    β€œAs a cat lover I absolutely adore them and my cat has a lot of interest in them too! Adorable!!!.” – Anne L.